To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Мои любимые, дададада.

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Он потрясающий. Абсолютно.



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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
When the sun's down

Nocturnal rainbows
soar in the air so high

It may seem so that I can't see

But the darkness provides the light for me

I don't wanna be lonely

And the moon is my only homie

If there's a higher power then show me

Instead of nocturnal rainbows.

(с) Hopsin


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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
- Вот бери пример с меня, у меня сто аватаров. Я за три дня три аватара поменял. Я НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ? НЕТ, Я ДИБИЛ.

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)


To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
That is all what I want to say to you,

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
When a doctor doctors a doctor,
does the doctor doing the doctoring
doctor as the doctor being doctored wants to be doctored or
does the doctor doing the doctoring doctor as he wants to doctor?
(с) English tongue-twister


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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
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What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland
"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.
The South
The Northeast
The Inland North
The West
North Central

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
I was Professor McGonagall. Yes, Magical level up!
It was soo strange and funny show today. We had a typical and plausible Dark Lord and Malfoy, who was kissed by his mommy for all.
And we could not have a jar of honey without a teaspoon of tar. You do not know, what in Estonia in schools we have a Dedication to Gymnasium. And students need to drink something very nasty, this drink usually make older students and when WE had it, we drank veeeeeeery salted tomato fluid. I can not say, what it was absolutely awful, but it is not a fluid, what you may drink every day. Your stomach would not be so happy to digest it every day of the week, month, year, years.
What i was talking about? Yess, about teaspoon of tar. This students in this year had no nasty fluid, because they did not want to drink it and we just had no special ingridients to made something disgusting.
After that "party" we had a good time together with my friend. We ate cheeseburgers and I drank tee with lemon and honey.
Also I understood, what I can not speak well with other people, after sitting at home two-three days. It happened because of isolation and Youtube, i think. Because I told my friend, what I want to buy to him on Ebay a super-pants with magic power and picture of his favorite Pokemon. He said: "I have no favorite Pokemon and I do not know their names". My reaction was: "Standart set with Pikachu, please." #McDonald`sStyle
I want this day back. Or may be tomorrow will be the better day. We will see.
See you soon, Dear.

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Hello, Guys.
Today I felt what I am a really strange person.
Because when I woke up today, my Mom just asked me: "With whom you had a conversation?" and my reaction was: "Huh? What are you talking about?"
Well, actually, It is true, what at night (It was 2 am) I talked with myself about....MARKERS. I am not kidding, Guys.
It was a long conversation about loosing my favorite marker.
Really weird, no?
Yes, I like to draw something like "Giraffe on Saturn" or "King Whale The First" at night, when nobody can distract me.
Right now I am going to watch a very exciting show and after I will talk to you about my impression.


@музыка: Murray Gold – Doctor Who XI

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Letter-Letter, where are you?

To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
I don`t understand what is going on with mail.
Because one week ago I bought a CD of Chamelion Circuit and this bloody CD is not in my country yet.
May be they sent to me an owl and she decided to stay somwhere else and have a good time without delivering a letters.
May be she likes Doctor Who and Chamelion Circuit`s music and because of this this beautiful owl stole MY CD. Who knows?
Dear Fluffy-Puffy (What?) Owl, come to me and make me happy!


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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Hello my dear friends.
I had a decision to write here on english, because we all need to practise our english skills somewhere and i found it a really good idea to write here my minds.
Because almost all the time when I am at home I talk with myself about things, which just happened in my life.
And here we are.
Right now I am listening Blink 182 and Tom`s voice makes me laugh a lot until the song`s end. I don`t know why, but I think It is because of his strange intonations and typical american accent.
I have a new obsession and it is an AmazingPhil. Phil is youtuber and he is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PERSON. I should stop to watch his videos, but it is unreal because of his charm and cuteness. You need to watch him (if you know english, of course).
Also he has a best friend named Dan and to be honest he looks like Girl and I don`t know what I can do and how I can kill this stupid thought. Sorry, Dan, but nothing I can do and you need to deal with It. The most strange thing is that I do not want to ship them and I do not want to invent the weird (or not) name of this pairing. They are friends and we should keep our slasher`s minds in our heads.
And, hell yeah, I love the British Boys and I want to go to England and stole one of them.
And that is how I am living today.
See you very soon.
P.S. I forgot to write what right now I am very ill person and I am sitting at home at the 14 of February. Loser, right?
Look how cute he is.

@музыка: Murray Gold – Madame De Pompadour

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
13.02.2013 в 18:03
Пишет Бенджи Данн:

Немного о стрелах Хоукая
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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
15.05.2011 в 00:14
Пишет frankwrightxo:

и ты можешь сто раз мне повторить, что не может быть так, что одному человеку плохо из-за того, что другому плохо — это будет таким.

и пусть ты мне сто раз скажешь, что меланхолия — это прекрасно, я все равно буду вытаскивать тебя из нее до последнего. брыкайся и сопротивляйся, но я отстану, услышав только твердый отказ и просьбу уйти, закрыв за собой двери.

я настойчивый, упрямый и надоедливый.


уж извините.


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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Наипрекраснейший Кишин


To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Да, со вторником вас, дьюдс.

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)


To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Кто ты из книги "Хоббит, или Туда и обратно"?
Ваше имя
ТыБильбо Бэггинс


Сын Банго Бэггинса и Беладонны Тук; главный герой книги. «Зажиточный хоббит», которому в момент встречи с Гэндальфом было под пятьдесят, живший в роскошной норе в Бэг-Энде тихой жизнью, пока не появился Гэндальф и не увлек его в поход с 13 гномами. Гномы усомнились в необходимости такого участника похода, но Гэндальф был непреклонен. Бильбо много раз пожалел, что вообще согласился пойти в этот поход, т.к. оказался не готов к таким трудностям, но из всех передряг выходил достойно. Он много раз спасал гномов из различных ситуаций (от пауков, вызволил из темницы в Лихолесье, нашел секретную дверь и т.д.). Именно он нашел кольцо, которое потерял Голлум, это кольцо делало его невидимым, что очень помогло ему в будущем. Он же и нашел Аркенстон, и разделяя взгляды Барда и Короля эльфов, передал камень им, чем вызвал большой гнев Торина. После Битвы пяти Воинств Трандуил нарек его «другом эльфов», от Даина хоббит получил 1 сундук с золотом, а другой – с серебром. В фильме его сыграл Мартин Фриман.


Цитата: «Я пришел из-под кручи, и моя дорога вела по кручам и через кручи. А еще по воздуху. Я Тот, Кто Идет Незримо. Я Ищущий Следы, Рвущий Паутину, Жалящая Муха. Вместе со мной получилось Счастливое Число. Я — похоронивший друзей заживо, утопивший их и извлекший живыми из воды. Я вышел из торбы, да торбы не взял. Я Друг Медведей и Гость Орлов. Я Кольцедобытчик, Любимчик Удачи и Всадник Бочонка».

все гадания на aeterna.qip.ru

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To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
Просто оставлю её здесь.

Listen or download Dr. Noise Exterminate Regenerate for free on Prostopleer


To suck or not to suck. That`s a question. (c)
В последние несколько недель приходится очень сильно пахать и не остаётся времени на то, чтобы выйти в город, пройтись по магазинам.
Учёба, репетитор по математике, курсы по английскому. У меня уже не выдерживает сердце и мозг. Весело.
Надеюсь на этих выходных выделить время на магазины, на примерку каких-нибудь вещей.
В ближайшее время я собираюсь приобрести супер-вещь, которую я точно сохраню.
Это some kind of память о моем тинейджерстве. Так пусть она навсегда останется со мной.

Listen or download Chameleon circuit Doctor What for free on Prostopleer

@музыка: Chameleon Circuit – Travelling Man

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Сон руками не потрогать, в рай ногами не дотопать ни за что...